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Sponsorship Options | Ireland to Everest

Sponsorship Options

The Ireland to Everest journey is a great opportunity for sponsors to get involved.  We have gained a great deal of media attention whilst engaging with the public in every county in Ireland.

We will continue this exciting journey onto four continents until we meet our final destination – the summit of Mount Everest.

We have a full presentation encompassing this amazing sponsorship opportunity.  Please contact Cian   –   info@irelandtoeverest.com for more details.

1. Nationwide Coverage of 32 Steps for Cystic Fibrosis and International climbs (TV, Newspapers, Radio)

2. Daily updates from Everest and other climbs around the world.

3. Exclusive exposure via the media partners.

4. Sponsors logo on clothing.

5. Expedition naming rights.

6. Full use of Irish Everest Expedition 2012 logo.

7. Branding on website.

8. Summit Photograph (right to use for PR purposes).

9. Making a documentary (32 Steps for CF, International climbs, Everest) with I-Venture productions.

10. Opportunities for team building days and be part of the 32 Step Challenge for CF.

11. Trips available to Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp.

12. Continual exposure after the climbs.