Team Arrive back in the Cwm

Today was the day of the grand descent. At 08.15 Pasang Tensing, Brett Hammond and Bruno Baschung set off from the south col (7900m) heading for camp 2 (6400m) a total descent of 1500m. I’m sure they were looking forward to getting to the richer air as they stayed ahead of the main group for the whole day. The advance party reached camp 3 at 10.30 a.m. for a quick refreshment, and finally made camp 2 at 14.20.

Having slept on oxygen at camp 4, David reported that the team were all well and in good spirits as the main group left for the descent. For the first hour they were shaded from the sun by the immense peak they had just surmounted and with a gentle breeze guiding them down it was a pleasant start to the day.

By the time the team reached the traverse above the yellow band the sun had risen and they were in its full glare. The huge challenge from the momentous day before combined with the strength sapping heat of the Himalayan sun meant the team started to find the going more difficult. They were joined in this arduous task by their fellow climbers also descending to camp 2. Fortunately all those on the mountain this day were going well and there were no hold ups to interrupt their downward flow. Even so, an hour from camp and the team can really feel what a test of endurance Mount Everest can be. In scorching heat and with energy levels at a minimum the team stagger into camp 2 at 15.00 hours. Even though they were heading down, all agreed that this was still a gruelling day!

Whilst the 2012 Jagged Globe Everest expedition members tackled the descent, the Jagged Globe Sherpa team dismantled camps 3 and 4 and carried equipment, rope and oxygen down the same route to camp 2. It is hard to explain what a prodigious effort this is on the part of the Nepali Sherpas; I must pass on a heartfelt, deep thanks from all of the team, whom all know that without the incredible efforts and dedication of these great people the expedition could not have been successful.

Tomorrow the whole team will leave the mountain for the last time this season. The route would seem familiar from camp two to base camp (as they have done this 4 times previously) however the Khumbu icefall has changed significantly since their last ascent. I wonder how they will all feel to leave this beautiful but intimidating glacier behind?

I will have first-hand feedback from the whole team tomorrow; after they have eaten huge amounts of tasty food and spam for Ian and Cian.

Adam (EBC)

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  1. Allan Meek

    So glad you made it Cian. Fantastic effort and look forward to seeing you this summer. Well done mate!

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