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A report from Adam, our BC Manager and Chef. | Ireland to Everest

A report from Adam, our BC Manager and Chef.

After having only a few hours to rest and recuperate the teams get ready to leave Camp 4 for the summit of Everest and Lhotse. Their respite may only be short but there are many things they have to do to prepare themselves for one of the biggest challenges of their lives.

They must hydrate as much as possible, eat some food (it can be very difficult at this altitude), gather their equipment (camera optional!?) and finally steel their minds to the task ahead. Before leaving their tents they must ensure that everything is in perfect order, as they will soon be walking out into some of the harshest conditions on earth.

David leads the Everest team out of camp at 20.15 on Thursday 24 May. The air temperature is around -20 degrees Celsius and the windchill makes it feel much colder as they make their way across the South Col. Adele Pennington is able to leave her Camp 4 a little later at 01.00. Her climb to the summit of Lhotse may not take as long, but she has some very technical challenges to overcome. She and a group of around 10 climbers decide to climb together. By doing so they minimise the risk of rockfall as they negotiate the Lhotse Couloir.

Both teams are supported by our incredible Sherpa team. Mingma is on his 18th climb to the summit, with most of our other Everest Sherpas, having been here many times before.

During the Everest climb two of the team turn back, the remaining six climbers, plus five Sherpas reach the south summit between 06.00 and 08.00. The team report that although there was expected to be over 100 people climbing on the 24/25 May, many teams had left camp 4 at an even earlier time and therefore congestion along the route wasn’t too bad. By the time they reached the Hillary Step at around 05.00 they were already encountering the first climbers descending the mountain.

At 06.00 on 25 May; David Hamilton, Warner Rojas and Cian reach the summit of Mount Everest (8850m). They are accompanied by Mingma and Thundu Sherpa. It took these guys 9 hours and 45 minutes since leaving camp 4 and they climbed nearly 1000m in elevation. Warner becomes the first Costa Rican national to reach the top of the world. For David this is his 6th summit and I can only imagine how pleased Cian will be to have reached one of his major goals after so much hard work and commitment leading up to this moment.

At 0615 Adele Pennington and Kilu Sherpa top out of the Lhotse Couloir. Half an hour later, after crossing the knife edge summit ridge ,they reach the top of Lhotse.

At around 07.00 Ian Ridley and Phil Purdy top out on Everest with Ang Di and Phurba. Ian has been to Everest before (an attempt from the North side) and knew the challenges that lay before him. It is with huge commitment that he has come back and finished the job.

Phil has been challenging himself for many years in order to raise money for charity. This year his principle chosen charity was Cancer Research UK. No doubt his sponsors and supporters will be very proud.

A little later, Nick Bailey summits Everest, together with Tsering Sherpa. Hopefully this is some consolation for the other team winning the league. In fact I’m going to guess that after this personal success you could probably care less.

As we all know getting to the top of the mountain is only half the story and I am pleased to report that by 1300 on 25 May all the Everest team had returned to the South Col and Camp 4 for some well deserved rest. Cian in fact descended in a little over 2 hours and was there by 1030.

The Jagged Globe team will continue to Camp 2 tomorrow (26 May) and I look forward to welcoming them back to base camp with a huge breakfast on Sunday. First and foremost, thanks must go to our wonderful Sherpa team, without whom this would not have been possible.


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