Strattera Quit Smoking

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3rd night on Kilimanjaro

January 31st 2012.

So the ireland to everest team are spending their 3rd night on Kilimanjaro! After registering at the gate on sunday they trekked along a little used route called Chamber’s Route which brought them to Mti Mkubwa. Yesterday they proceeded from there to Shire Camp one which brought them through the rainforest towards a giant moorland zone. They then crossed into the Shira Caldera. Shira is the 3rd of… Kilimanjaro’s volcanic cones and is filled with lava from nearby Kibo Peak. So today they hiked east across Shira Plateau past Shira Cathedral and towards Shira camp two! After starting at an altitude of 2800 metres on sunday, they are now sleeping at 3800 metres. I say it is chilly at night time! Tomorrow will be a big 7 hour day as they hike towards Baranco Camp!

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